A second attempt with Blogger. (Now No Longer in Beta) Note: The contents of these pages are my own personal views and in no way represent the views of the agencies for which I volunteer or the countries in which they are based. Peace.


Since releasing Flock 0.4.10, we have moved the location of Flock settings (a.k.a. the profile directory) on Windows and Linux. This means that you will lose browser history, passwords, and other settings when you move to the new version of Flock.Yup, we see the irony in letting users migrate from Firefox, but not from Flock.


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In this case, it means, "What the Flock?" Which is the reason that I created this blog. It would seem that Flock donna talk to no Wordpress, so I was unable to interface either After Gutenberg or What Next

On the other hand, Flock: the Browser is pretty gosh dang impressive upon first glance.

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