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A Defining Moment

Joseph Romm sees Obama keeping his promise to jumpstart clean energy, economy; and, he warns that we also witnessed that "the conservative movement threw their entire weight behind humanity’s self-destruction."
"Years from now ...this moment may well be remembered as the time that progressives, led by Obama, began the transition to a sustainable economy built around green jobs."

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 According to Wonk Room, from the Conference Report, "clean coal" funding is now $3.4 billion, down from the $4.6 billion recommended by the Senate.

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City of Seattle takes request

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While checking this rack out I also spotted this sticker. Apparently you can call the Seattle Department of Transportation and have a high quality custom-made bike rack installed.

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BAUAAAE, Peanut Executive Style

Safety Not A Concern For Peanut Executives, Just Money: Hungry For Change | TakePart Social Action Network™

Safety Not A Concern For Peanut Executives, Just Money: Hungry For Change

<p>The situation keeps getting worse with the peanut related <a href="" target="_blank">salmonella outbreak</a>.  Emails discovered by Congressional investigators now show that Stuart Parnell,<a href="" target="_blank" onclick="javascript:urchinTracker('/outbound/');"> president of the Peanut Corporation of America, knew about positive test for the bacteria</a>, but chose to cover up the results and focus on profits.  Check out Henry Waxman&#8217;s shock as he discovers this appalling corporate cover-up:</p>
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<p><a class="takepartbug" href=" " target="_blank" onclick="javascript:urchinTracker('/outbound/');">takepart</a> by joining <a href="" target="_blank" onclick="javascript:urchinTracker('/outbound/');">SAFE Tables </a>as they advocate for changes in food safety policies.</p>

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Economic Stimulus Bill Now in Conference

In addition to supporting H.R. 1, <a href="">T. Boone Pickens asks</a> members of his 'army' to send an email to their representatives asking "them to support inclusion in that bill of the House Department of Energy grant program."

The Pickens Plan is about wind power and the Pickens camp sees a recharged, grants program as critically important.  They also recognize that, just as important is a modernized grid that reaches out to renewable energy resources. "Ask your Members of Congress," they tell the Pickens Army, "to support enactment of a strong national renewable electricity standard that meets President Obama's goal of securing 25% renewable electricity by the year 2025."

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