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Dear Matt Drudge, Does that anonymous Republican lawmaker play tennis?

Worst Heatwave in 100 Years Scorches Australia, Haults Australian Open : EcoWorldly

Eleven of the last twelve years have been the hottest in Australia's recorded history, and this summer sets the pace for this year to be the continent's hottest.

Re: "Drudge Report: Gore hearing on warming may be put on ice"

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Remember that huge spill of coal ash at the Tennessee Valley Authority's Kingston coal-fired power plant on December 22nd? New measurements by Duke University scientists confirm not only the presence of toxic metals like arsenic but also dangerous levels of radioactivity. "Tennessee Coal Ash Tainted with Arsenic and Radioactivity"

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The Public Trust, "We are all dodos on this bus" Version

"Only with the complicity of Congress have we become a nation of preemptive war, secret military tribunals, torture, rejection of habeas corpus, warrant-less searches, undue government secrecy, extraordinary renditions, and uncontrollable spying on the American people."
Ron Paul

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DOJ: Let me see your general leger.
Cheney: [with a small wave of his hand] You don't need to see Hailburton's general leger.
DOJ: We don't need to see their general leger.
Cheney: These aren't the bribes you're looking for (Hands them $559 million).
DOJ: These aren't the bribes we're looking for.
Cheney: They can go about their business.
DOJ: You can go about your business.
Cheney: Move along.
DOJ: Move along... move along.

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Con to Cool Green Science Con

Cool Green Science ยป Why Cap-and-Trade is Better Than a Carbon Tax

James Handley
Time January 27, 2009 at 1:16 pm

SPEED: Immediate reductions are needed to avert climate disaster. That's a strong reason not to fall into cap-and-trade. It took half a decade to implement in the EU. with no effect. And the NE states' RGGI program took five years to sort out free allowances, offsets, banking, etc, etc. British Columbia passed and implemented a carbon tax in just five months!

COMPLEXITY: Cap-and-trade far more complex and subject to price volatility and gaming. See the presentations by NASA climate scientist Jim Hansen, economists Gilbert Metcalf and Robert Shapiro at

Cap-and-trade is a hidden, volatile and regressive tax. A revenue neutral carbon tax is an honest way to price carbon and pump the funds back into households and wage earners' hands. "Tax what we burn, not what we earn."

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Stopping Terrorism

 "Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way; stop participating in it." ~ Noam Chomsky

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The Slippery Slope of Interrogation

Torture degrades not only the victim, but the person who engages in it. It degrades our society; it destroys our sense of right and wrong. No excuse, no rationalization can change such effects. Torture is wrong. -- paraphrase of Lane Baldwin's response to What If Torture Works?

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The Job of U.S. Attorney General

With George W. Bush's head of state immunity now terminated, the new government of Barack Obama was obligated by international law to commence a criminal investigation into Bush's torture practices.

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So the question is, "Why?"

Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee want Eric Holder to commit to not prosecute Bush administration officials for their involvement in acts of torture.

Posted via email from jcwinnie's posterous Sheesh! All the motorist, who last put me down on the pavement in pain, did was go get her lunch at McDonald's, while waiting to see if the ambulance would take me away. Mass makes right.

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