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Service You Can't Trust

T-Mobile cell phones, calling plans, and wireless services - get more from life.

Actually, there is no service, there is only sales, sales and more deals. My current deal is a $200 obligation for a non-working mobile phone. There may be further obligations.

Of course, that is only my perception. T-Mobile says they are meeting their obligation because I have cell service. They are willing to work with me with the problem that I have.

Yep, T-Mobile is gracious enough to help me with the limited warranty for my Samsung e335 mobile phone. Yes, mine, after I got "web specialized". Such a deal, let me tell you.

Indeed, the Samsung e335 seems to work, rather it is the charging of the newly received, T-Mobile branded and delivered mobile telephone that has failed.

"Battery Low, " says the Samsung e335. But, plugging in the charger, even for longer than the recommended 200 minutes, fails to satisfy it.

"Battery Low, " it states with a convenient ring tone. After jumping throughout the hoops for Linda, we determined that the mobile that I just received (but have had for longer than the 14 day, no-obligation period) may need a new charger. $9.95 for shipping.* Seven day delivery.

*Note: Maybe waived for accessory after the fourth frustrating call of the morning to T-Mobile Customer, hm, not Service, that is the vernacular for the wireless connection, certainly not Support, uh, er, (thinking nice words) Response.

Probably, the next hurdle will be a battery, and if that fails, then a replacement with careful instructions on switching the SIM. All the hurdles require "scripts" to get to the next level in the game. Meanwhile, the frustrated customer is obligated for $200 and T-Mobile is meeting their obligation by providing cellular service, which the customer is able to use only if the mobile is plugged into the wall socket.

Oh, and, if you get to the Replacement Level and encounter Diedre the Dominatrix, who is authorized to authorize the return, then you have seven days to return the old phone before being assessed $200. Oh, and it must be returned in good working order. No signs of physical or liquid damage as verified by... yep, you guessed it, T-Mobile. Are you beginning to get the picture. Non-working mobile phone for $200 or a replacement that might actually work, for possibly $200.

"But, it wasn't working properly when I got it," mourns the frustrated customer. Tsk-tsk, you did read and understand fully all those obligations, right? No? Then maybe it would be wise to leave mobile mash-ups to youth who want the ring tones and have the energy to fight with the greedy monster, rather than if you are disabled and want to trust that you could make a remote call if you went for a walk, using your walker, and needed to call someone for help.

But, listen, for only $19.95 more in additional monthly charges, such a deal, let me tell you...

Back to the Fox

Two Firefox extensions from Google Labs wanted me to use 1.5 even though Fedora Core 4 has not yet seen fit to provide it. The current version installed relatively painlessly. I lost a number of extensions, the main one was spellchecker. I lost Piggy Bank, not due to incompatibility with the Fox, rather a need for the most current Java. It was late and it eschewed the intricacies of a Java update, though I suspect it also is why Jetty 6 fails to work on Amalaki.

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