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Green WiFi

Solar-powered WiFi prototype

WorldChanging has an article about Green Wifi. In brief, the green designation implies that the "wireless fidelity" system is solar-powered. Futhermore, the initiative is to make available rugged, low-cost, Internet technologies for developing countries where such necessary infrastructure is nonexistant.

A number of non profit entities focus on addressing the digital divide by providing internet access to developing areas. Green WiFi addresses one of the biggest barriers to success: the lack of reliable electricity in developing areas required to power the network. Green WiFi has developed a low cost, solar-powered, standardized WiFi access solution that runs out-of-the-box with no systems integration or power requirements. All that is required is a single source of broadband access. Green WiFi nodes can then be deployed on rooftops to form a self-healing network that hops the source signal over a virtual 802.11b/g grid. Because these nodes require no fixed installation or power tie-ins, these nodes can form an unplanned, mobile grid that can grow or be relocated as needed. ...last mile internet access with nothing more than a single broadband internet connection, rooftops and the sun.

Green WiFi dovetails with other initiatives, such as

  1. One Laptop Per Child

  2. Freeplay's Weza

  3. Ubuntu

Alex Steffen opines that a "compelling toolchest is starting to emerge." As World Changing previously has observed, connectivity is empowering. Besides enabling new forms economic activity; widespread connectivity can bring about political change; more widespread connectivity means hearing more from those in developing nations now connected to us instanteously. As with the concept of universal design, such a recognition of differing needs could improve information and communication technology globally.

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