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Con to Cool Green Science Con

Cool Green Science ยป Why Cap-and-Trade is Better Than a Carbon Tax

James Handley
Time January 27, 2009 at 1:16 pm

SPEED: Immediate reductions are needed to avert climate disaster. That's a strong reason not to fall into cap-and-trade. It took half a decade to implement in the EU. with no effect. And the NE states' RGGI program took five years to sort out free allowances, offsets, banking, etc, etc. British Columbia passed and implemented a carbon tax in just five months!

COMPLEXITY: Cap-and-trade far more complex and subject to price volatility and gaming. See the presentations by NASA climate scientist Jim Hansen, economists Gilbert Metcalf and Robert Shapiro at

Cap-and-trade is a hidden, volatile and regressive tax. A revenue neutral carbon tax is an honest way to price carbon and pump the funds back into households and wage earners' hands. "Tax what we burn, not what we earn."

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