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Solar Shopping

Installing solar roof tiles
Installing solar roof tiles is an example of BIPV (Building Integrated Photo Voltaics).

Photovoltaic systems are becoming cheaper and more efficient. Increasingly, for sustainable architecture, or "green building", manufacturers, architects and builders select materials traditionally used to clad the building envelope that incorporate photovoltaics and typically replace the conventional building materials.

Such building materials are referred to as BIPV (Building Integrated Photo Voltaics). According to Jill and Sarah, there are now:

I live about one kilometer from a Home Depot Store. Mike Yamamoto announced via CRAVE, The CNET Gadget Blog, that now at Home Depot: solar power systems

The home-improvement empire has partnered with BP Solar to provide solar-power systems, according to Treehugger, with services that include free home consultation, installation and follow-up inspection. The Home Depot solar page also links to a national database of state incentives for renewable energy and a special calculator so you can estimate your potential savings.

I just donated $1000 to the R.E.A.L. Women's Clinic Capital Fund, and, while I have resisted posting a follow-up on Nabuur, I have gone Internet Shopping (Who goes window-shopping these days?) for solar panels since I believe that their site would benefit from solar power. For instance, since LEDs are more robust than traditional lightbulbs and use relatively little power, their use combined with installation of solar panels could provide lighting very much needed in a medical clinic.

It would seem that when a solar roof becomes a reality for the clinic, Kamenge Commune shoppers will have to go more than one "click". It would seem the nearest solar system service is from Solar Energy for Africa in neighboring Rwanda.

On the other hand, writer Simon Grose contributed an Editorial Opinion to Cosmos Magazine and his observations made for a good reality check. "Wind and solar power are enormously appealing as planet-friendly sources of energy - but those who think we can completely rely on them in the future are dreaming."

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  1. # Blogger Big Gav

    I think the Cosmos writer needs to learn a little about the concept of energy storage (and about wave / tidal power for that matter).

    The problem a lot of people seem to have is that they think a renewable energy based energy grid is just like the current one - and it won't be...  

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