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Millenium Solar

Ecogreek relays a story from Red Herring about an Israeli company, Millennium Solar, that is preparing to build a 20 megawatt power plant. The plant to be built in South Korea will combine the two main solar energy technologies -- photo voltaic and thermal.

As silicon photovoltaics heat up under the sun, they dramatically lose efficiency. But if there's a built in hot water heating function, the hot water carries away the heat and cools the solar cell, making it more efficient.

Millennium Solar has implemented small scale projects...houses, hospitals, etc. but never a full-scale power generation plant. As with other co-generation strategies the increased efficiency shortens the time needed to achieve ROI (Return On Investment). Millennium Solar believes that the plant will be able to sell electric power for as little as 10 cents a KWh and still show a profit.

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