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Ndiyo Nivo

Ndiyo Nivo
It’s about 70mm square - quite a bit smaller smaller than a floppy (Remember those, old-timer?)

Over the next couple of months Quentin hopes to have samples of the next-generation Nivo terminal. "This one does 1280×1024 at 24-bit pixel depth, but above all," he observes, "it’s really cute!"

There’s lots to be done on both software and hardware before we can get this out into the wider world, and we’re running on very limited resources here, but we’re excited about this device.

Why show this on Blackbird rather than on one of my other blogs. Well, I have been contributing information to the ICT section of the Nabuur Resources village. One of the other participants and a village facilitator, may be starting a new online village because the local board of an actual village has approached him about help with an Internet center.

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